SLIK TRIPODS 504 QF II Video Tripod
SLIK TRIPODS 504 QF II Video Tripod

SLIK TRIPODS 504 QF II Video Tripod


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SLIK TRIPODS 504 QF II Video Tripod

The Slik 504 QF II shares its leg set with the Able 300 DX, but it comes complete with a solid Slik 2-way fluid pan head incorporating an easy to grip pan handle with full angle adjustments. The panhandle is long enough to give excellent leverage for smooth panning. There is a bubble level built into the base of the head, so the tripod can be leveled quickly after being set up. The head also has a video quick-release plate for fast mounting and un-mounting of the camera. The legs of the 504 QF II set up and fold down securely. Just loosen and tighten leg lock knob to extend or shorten them. Three position leg locks make for easy set up on uneven ground or steps. These leg locks also allow the height of the tripod to lowered dramatically. Combine this feature with the 504 QF II/300 DX Short Column (optional accessory), and the tripod can be lowered to just 14 inches (350 mm) high for very low-angle or macro videography in the field.

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