Promaster Professional XC522 Tripod (Pink)
Promaster Professional XC522 Tripod (Pink)

Promaster Professional XC522 Tripod (Pink)


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Promaster Professional XC522 Tripod (Pink)

ProMaster XC series tripods are lightweight, stable, stylish, and easy to carry. They are the ideal choice for backpackers, nature and wildlife photographers, or photojournalists where the size of their gear matters. Featuring 5-section legs with 180ï¾° folding design for compact storage, the XC series tripods will delight mobile photographers. Increased Depth Of Field Keeping your optimum depth of field requires shooting with a fairly small aperture and at a lower ISO setting. Photographing at a lower shutter speed using a tripod eliminates shake and movement, allowing you to shoot at slower speeds while keeping the image razor sharp, foreground to background. Heighten Your Hdr Results Photographing High Dynamic Range (HDR) images requires consistency between shots taken at different exposures. A tripod will keep your images sharp and framed correctly so that, as you’re shooting multiple images at changing exposure settings, the scene itself remains stable and in place. Multi-Purpose Your Gear A tripod can serve additional functions outside of its traditional role. It can be used with your camcorder as well as your DSLR. It can also double as a light stand, holding reflectors or flash units when you’re shooting on location. Many photographers utilize a tripod to fulfill multiple roles on a single shoot.

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