OSN Ultra Lightweight Tripod (OS-300)
OSN Ultra Lightweight Tripod (OS-300)

OSN Ultra Lightweight Tripod (OS-300)


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OSN Ultra Lightweight Tripod (OS-300)

The OS-300 is an ultra-lightweight and easy to use tripod for film, digital, and digital video cameras. It features a three way panhead, enabling the user to shoot both horizontal and vertical pictures, and a quick-release camera mounting platform that attaches to the base of your camera. This platform makes it quick and easy to mount and remove your camera from the tripod. The OS 300 also has three section aluminum legs with braces for added stability, and each leg includes quick lever leg locks for quick and easy leg positioning. Simply unlock the leg lever, extend the leg to the desired position, relock the leg lever, and begin taking pictures. A leveling bubble is included on the top of the leg connection bracket, which will ensure a pure horizontal and vertical picture when the tripod is leveled. With a geared center column, it’s easy and convenient to raise the panhead to the desired picture taking position. Non-slip rubber feet provide steady, free-standing support. If you’re looking for a quality ultra lightweight tripod for your point and shoot or digital camera, this model will fit your needs!

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