Fotodiox Small Flex Tripod SQ103
Fotodiox Small Flex Tripod SQ103Fotodiox Small Flex Tripod SQ103Fotodiox Small Flex Tripod SQ103

Fotodiox Small Flex Tripod SQ103


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Fotodiox Small Flex Tripod SQ103

The Fotodiox Flex Tripods make taking digital photos more fun than ever; great photo opportunities are everywhere, but acceptable shooting locations are usually pretty rare, particularly outdoors. Designed with self-timer photography in mind, the Fotodiox Flex Tripod lets you mount your camera just about anywhere you want so that you can include everyone in your automatic shots. All you need to do is use the universal 1/4-20 screw to attach your camera to the standard tripod mount, then wrap the three flexible segmented legs securely to a nearby tree branch, fence, park bench, or anything else that’s convenient. Its compact size means it can go anywhere and everywhere, capture incredible images without the shakes typically associated with hand-held photography. Unlike traditional tripods, the Fotodiox Flex Tripod doesn’t require an elevated flat surface for you to take the perfect picture. It grabs tightly on to branches, poles, railings and other similar objects, and conforms to all sorts of uneven surfaces for superior support. Whether you’re shooting a memorable family portrait or simply looking to keep your camera rock steady for high-quality photos, the Fotodiox Flex Tripod is the perfect companion for your next great adventure!

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