Do-All Gobbler Pod Tripod
Do-All Gobbler Pod Tripod

Do-All Gobbler Pod Tripod


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Do-All Gobbler Pod Tripod

Male or female, old or young with the Gobbler Pod the weight of the gun is no longer an issue. All turkey hunters can relate to tired arms and numb legs. We have had many hunters try the Gobbler Pod in person and have encourage them to try and get into an uncomfortable position. The answer is always the same. It is practically impossible get uncomfortable with this rest. Not having to use your legs as a gun rest allows the hunter to have a greater range of motion (shooting area). With this the hunter is a lot quieter because he or she is not having to position their lower body (knees) to support the gun. This also allow the hunter to have a 180 degree range of motion. A right handed shooter could actually shoot their gun left handed. Features: – Attaches to and folds under the rifle barrel – Simple thumb latches adjust height to – Precision height marks and swivel foot.

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